How to scrape an ImageBam gallery for images with 30 lines of Python

Right off the bat, I want to show you the results of this scraping, to give you a bit of motivation. Anyways, thanks to requests and BeautifulSoup, this is made trivially easy. Enough talking, let’s get down to the code! Don’t forget that as usual I’ll include the full source code at the bottom of the post.

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How to find your Public-facing IP with Python, requests and BeautifulSoup

In this entry, we’re going to look up what our public facing IP address is, using the Python modules, re, requests and BeautifulSoup. It’s going to send a request to with requests, then we’re going to parse the returned HTML in BeautifulSoup, so we can break it up, and navigate through it a lot easier, and then finally, use re to grab the IP address and print it to the screen.

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