I’m Tankor Smash (@TankorSmash), and this is my blog for all my tutorials, and my games.

I’ve recently put out Beat up the Face! a free Android game. I’ve also made BiochRL, an incomplete traditional roguelike, with an emphasis on choosing your own character development path.

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  1. Scafloc says:

    Hi Tankor Smash,
    I read the TypeError with PAMIE question you posted on Stackoverflow http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11580340/typeerror-with-pamie?rq=1 . I have the same problem but the answer that you got does not on my pc. As I have the impression that this may be caused by the IE version may I ask you which version you used?

    • Tankor Smash says:

      It’s been a while now, but I think it was IE9. I can’t say for sure, but it was on Windows 7, so it must have been.

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